The Twin Soul of Alexander: A novel of Alexander the Great (Alexander and Hephaestion) (Volume 1)

The Twin Soul of Alexander: A novel of Alexander the Great (Alexander and Hephaestion) (Volume 1) Author Lawrence M. Scheier
ISBN-10 1542360617
ISBN-13 9781542360616
Year 2017-03-30
Pages 296
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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While many books fiction and nonfiction alike chronicle Alexander the Greats ascension to power and conquest of the ancient world few go back to Alexanders early adulthood In this vividly written and thoroughly researched novel Lawrence Scheier explores Alexanders early years through the eyes of the renowned leaders best friend and lover Hephaestion Scheiers fictional biography is full of political intrigue family treachery and enticing romance Do not waste the opportunity The words of Hephaestions father ring in his ears when he first approaches the young Alexander in the Macedonian capital of Pella Hephaestion hopes to use his fathers relationship with King Philip to be appointed as one of Alexanders royal companions Hephaestion quickly becomes entangled in the complex politics of the royal family Queen Olympias Alexanders mother gives him the position in exchange for his loyalty to Alexander and asks him seduce her son Hephaestion realizes that he is being used a pawn in the twisted game between the king and queen Hephaestion must make difficult choices to stop Alexander from being sacrificed on the altar of his parents dysfunction At the same time Hephaestion must confront his own feelings for the prince and the dangerous consequences of Alexanders ambition

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