We Do Our Part: Toward a Fairer and More Equal America

We Do Our Part: Toward a Fairer and More Equal America Author Charles Peters
ISBN-10 0812993527
ISBN-13 9780812993523
Year 2017-03-07
Pages 288
Language English
Publisher Random House
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Charles Peters explores American politics and civic life since the New Deal in a book filled with vivid funny often touching anecdotes James Fallows The Atlantic We Do Our Part was the slogan of Franklin Delano Roosevelts National Recovery Administrationand it captured the can do spirit that allowed America to survive the Great Depression and win World War II Over the course of a sixty year career as a Washington D C journalist and historian Peters the founder of the Washington Monthly has witnessed drastic changes firsthand Ranging from the history of lobbying to the explosion of high end fashion and travel reporting this surprising book explains how we can consolidate the gains we have made while recapturing the generous spirit we have lost We Do Our Part is entertaining insightful and engaging Spanning decades of politics and culture Peters compares the flood of talented original thinkers who flowed into the nations capital to join FDRs administration with the tide of self serving government staffers who left to exploit their opportunities on Wall Street and as lobbyists from the 1970s to today During the same period the economic divide between rich and poor grew as we shifted from a culture of generosity to one of personal aggrandizement With the wisdom of a prophet and the wit of a great storyteller Peters connects these two trends by showing how this money fueled elitism has diminished our trust in one another and our nationand changed Washington for the worse If liberal Democratsand Peters is onewant to win again they need to be fair to everyone including the working man who was once essential to the party of FDR We Do Our Partshows us where we have been and where we are going drawn from the invaluable perspective of a man who has seen Americas better days and still believes in the promise that lies ahead Praise for We Do Our Part Peters weaves a synthesis of mainstream and progressive centrist and popular thought that would re anchor the Democratic Party both in its own traditions and in outreach to the restless angry swath of the country that elected President Trump Peters is an American original The Washington PostA great book about modern American history Chris Matthews HardballWe Do Our Part is not directly about the Trump era or phenomenon though Charlie gets to Trump at the end But it is all about the resentful unequal uncaring parts of todays American culture that Trump has inflamed and that have made Trump possibleand how to cope with them James Fallows The Atlantic An important book on the central issue facing our country The truth Charles Peters aims to impart in this book is one that all Americans and especially liberals need to understand An America in which the elite serves the interests of the majority isnt a pipe dream Washington Monthly A thoughtful well reasoned argument for American citizens to pull back from political brinksmanship and embrace the values of the Roosevelt era Kirkus Reviews A wise and brilliant book by a wise and brilliant man Charlie Peters loves this country deeply and this book is packed with insights on how we can make America more just more civil and well great Everyone should read it Nicholas Thompson editor newyorker com

We Do Our Part

We Do Our Part Author Charles Peters
ISBN-10 9780679645665
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 288

We Do Our Part

We Do Our Part Author Charles Peters
ISBN-10 9780812993523
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 288

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